ER G83/2 draft for public consultation

Engineering Recommendation G83/1-1 is a key document for the solar PV industry, as it sets the requirements for the connection of PV systems (of up to 16A per phase), to the distribution network. G83/1 addresses all technical aspects of the connection process from system functionality to site commissioning and was first published in 2002, with a revised version issued in 2008. Last week, the Distribution Code Review Panel (DCRP) approved the draft of ER G83/2 for public consultation.

The draft includes a number of significant changes from G83/1-1, including: Inverter requirements • Two-stage protection settings – aligned with G59/2 (based on 230Vac nom) • New short circuit current contribution test • New frequency drift and step change stability test • 180s start up delay shortened to “20 – 60 seconds”

• DC injection limit adjusted (20mA limit for generators up to 2kW; Larger systems - 0.25% of the AC current rating of the device)

• Power quality tests (including DC injection) to be done with a minimum system of 2kW. Where an inverter is less than 2kW – inverters to be tested in a group

• Adoption of BS EN 62116  anti-islanding test procedure Connection requirements • Clarification and renaming of 2 stage application process … to make it clearer and easier • Clarification on definition of “close geographical region” • Significantly simplified application forms • Requirement for AC isolator next to consumer unit to change to isolator located “in an accessible location”

The public consultation runs until 3rd February 2012. The consultation paper, the draft of G83/2 and the DCRP comments form can be downloaded here >>