YouGen’s top tips for entering this year’s Solar Power Portal Awards

Here at YouGen we're all about promoting quality and excellence, and helping put consumers in touch with the best installers. That's why we've teamed up with Solar Power Portal to support the Installer of the Year category in this year’s Solar Power Portal Awards 2014.

It is one of twelve awards to recognise the best in solar in the UK, celebrating good practice, professionalism, quality, safety and innovation.

So if you're thinking about entering this year's awards, we've got some great tips to help you get noticed:

  1. Read the guidelines! Ensure that you’ve answered all the questions that the judging panels are asking for. Create a checklist and ensure everything is covered.
  2. Deadlines. Complete your submission well in advance of the deadline (Friday 30 May 2014).
  3. Ask around. Insights from your colleagues, business associates and your customers (your recommendations on YouGen is a great starting place) are a great way of making your story more interesting and relevant. You might be pleasantly surprised with the feedback, and it’ll help you pull out your strengths and USP.
  4. Keep it simple (and brief). Check for typos, grammatical mistakes, spelling and don’t go over the word count limits. Remember, judges may have read numerous entries before they get to yours, so no waffling.
  5. Stick to the truth. Don’t bend the facts or make spurious claims. Any whiff of it and your entry will be discarded!
  6. Make your nomination stand out by telling a good story. Use bullet points for quick scanning. Headlines make it possible for judges to make a mental tick of the list of requirements.
  7. Cast fresh eyes over your nomination. When you think you’ve finished, pass it to someone who hasn’t been directly involved to take a look.

For more information on the Solar Power Portal Awards and to enter please click here. The shortlist will be announced in early September on Solar Power Portal. All shortlisted entries will each receive two tickets to the glittering gala dinner ceremony.

Get your entries in now and good luck!

Watch the video below to learn more about the Solar Power Portal Awards: