Environmental technology company Greenologic has launched a new product to divert surplus energy from a solar PV array to an immersion tank before it is exported to the grid.

The Power Reducer is able to intelligently control the amount of energy the immersion can draw without ever having to import energy from the grid.

Greenlogic says that the product has been designed to avoid the flaws in similar products which have been reported to cause light flickering.

The product can be controlled using a smartphone, engaging the user to become familiar with their energy performance to encourage further savings.

Zuber Vindhani , director at Greenologic, said: “The Power Reducer is a game-changer as we have combined the benefits of smart monitoring with intelligent control, all delivered to a smart device.

“In comparison to other similar products in the market, this application by far is more highly advanced in its technology, namely due to the core function, whereby the user can physically see PV yield, self-consumption performance, energy savings and protect their ROI in real-time whether at home, or on the go.”

The smartphone app includes two digital inputs that notifies the user of any problems with a connected solar system, such as an inverter alarm or if the solar breaker switch is tripped.

The official launch of the Power Reducer will be made at the Intersolar show in Munich next week.