Still installing solar? Take part in our installer landscape snapshot

As UK renewables find their new equilibrium it is essential that there is visibility on who is still active, where in the country and which low carbon technologies are getting your interest.

If your business is installing solar, storage, efficiency measures or other clean energy solutions we want to hear from you. It will take less than 10 seconds to fill out juts two fields in one short form. And you get entered into a Prize Draw to WIN a Kindle Fire as a thank you for your time! (*Winner to be announced June 30th)


An updated list of active clean energy installers provides the entire value chain with an insight into the sector’s scale, the distribution of installers (and the gaps to be filled). It tells manufacturers which technologies are gaining traction and means training and support for contractors interested in moving into new markets can be better targeted. Win win for all involved.

What will we do with this data?

With your help, we can take a snapshot of the state of the clean energy UK installer landscape. That means insight into the impact of recent government changes. Solar Power Portal will use the anonymised head count for editorial coverage on the site and our related magazines. We’ll also prioritise and tailor our output for the remaining active installers, our core audience.

But without your active participation we can’t do much. With enough data, and your consent, we can build the most up to date directory of smart energy contractors covering a range of technologies and showcasing your best work and the accreditations that mark you out above the competition. We can assess the new directions you have chosen for your business and ensure that we are there to support you through the changes.

Take part now!