• What is the impact of solar and wind on electricity prices? – STA Event

    15 December 2015 | London

    Understanding the complexities of the power markets in the UK is key to understanding how renewables such and wind and solar can be integrated effectively into the grid. The concept of baseload power could become an outdated feature of fossil fuel electricity generation as it is replaced with more distributed generation and utility scale renewables.
    In the UK, the debate has been framed as a tension between the need to support renewables versus limiting the impact on consumer bills. However evidence has now emerged around the Merit Order Effect that wind and solar are reducing consumer bills by lowering the wholesale price of electricity. This evidence will be presented by Good Energy and NEAS Energy along with an analysis of how the retail and wholesale markets interact both now and in the future and how Government should change its thinking towards subsidies for renewables.
    Other featured topics will be covered by National Grid and the Fraunhofer Institute.

  • World Future Energy Summit 2016

    18 January - 21 January 2016 | Abu Dhabi

    The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) is the foremost annual global event committed to advancing future energy and clean technology. As the centerpiece of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, it engages political, business, finance and academic leaders to stimulate dialogue, innovation, and commercial and investment opportunities to drive the development of sustainable energy worldwide. By bringing thousands of future energy specialists together, WFES is a highly effective platform for promoting the latest solutions, generating leads and identifying new business potential.


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