Strategic Power Project’s 185MW Monvallet solar-plus-storage site is to receive a grid connection through the process. Image: Strategic Power Projects.

Eirgrid and ESB Networks have released the full list of renewable energy projects to receive grid connection offers in Ireland through their enduring connection policy (ECP) process, with solar PV representing the majority of these.

In total, 85 projects – representing 2,897MW – are due to receive connection offers under Category A of ECP 2.2, with the second stage of the ECP (ECP 2) being split into three batches of connection offers (ECP 2.1, ECP 2.2 and ECP 2.3).

Of these, 61 are solar PV with a collective capacity of 1,533MW. There are also two battery storage projects with a collective capacity of 150MW, and 6 hybrid solar-plus-storage sites consisting of 325MW of solar and 441MW of battery storage.

This includes a 185MW hybrid solar-plus-storage site in Louth under development from Strategic Power Projects. The Monvallet project is split into 50MW of PV and 135MW of battery storage, with the storage element to provide system services and security of supply to the grid.

Paul Carson, managing director, Strategic Power Projects, said: “We are extremely pleased with the outcome in Monvallet and are dedicated to working closely with all stakeholders including Eirgrid and ESB to ensure transparency of our long-term approach and to generate a thorough understanding of what these solar and battery assets will achieve for a brighter and cleaner future in Ireland.”

Strategic Power Projects is currently collaborating with Gresham House to develop a solar and storage pipeline with a combined capacity of over 1GW, with these to be located across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Other solar due to receive a grid connection offer includes the 154MW hybrid Rosspile2 Solar Plus Storage Facility under development from Highfield Solar, the 75MW Fieldstown Solar site being developed by Energia Solar Holdings, the 46MW Carriglong Solar Park being developed by ESB Solar (Ireland) and the 50MW Monart East Solar Farm developed by Engie Developments Ireland Limited.

Engie have a handful of PV sites on the list, including the 19MW Poulbautia Solar Farm, the 19MW Lissane West Solar Farm, the 14MW Berrings Solar Farm, the 6MW Farranmacedmond Solar Farm, the 6MW Gibbonstown Solar Farm, the 5MW Islanduane Solar Farm, the 4MW Ardnadoman Solar Farm, the 10MW Ballynash Bishop Solar Farm and the 14MW Ballyboughlin Solar Farm.

The two battery storage sites are the 60MW Ardagh South Energy Storage Facility under development from Avolta Storage and the Kilmannock Battery Storage Facility Phase 2, which is owned by Gore Street Energy Storage Fund.

In 2020, Gore Street announced its plans to expand the capacity of Kilmanock, as well as its 30MW Porterstown battery storage project.

The remainder of the 81 projects breaks down into 11 wind (345MW), one gas (100MW) and four hybrid wind and battery (7MW battery, 2MW wind). The full list of projects – which Eirgrid said may change should projects not proceed with their application or no longer be deemed eligible – can be found here.