Nearly 1,000 children across England will be skating, skipping or staying silent today to get their schools solar panels.

The children are from three primary schools who are pushing for a final surge in sponsorship to make their schools greener as part of Solar Schools.

Little Kingshill Combined school in Buckinghamshire have raised over £11,000 so far, but still need around £4,000.

New Mills school in Derbyshire have raised near £6,500 and are hoping for a further £5,500.

Courthouse Junior school in Maidenhead have just over £4,000 of their target and are still in need of £10,600 to meet their solar panel goal.

Previously children have hosted bake sales, bingo nights and gone bungee jumping to get the funding they need – this Friday the children are hoping it will be the last time they need to fund raise.

 “Our pupils really care about our school and the environment and they’re so excited about installing solar panels. After a year filled with fundraising, they can’t wait to do their bit this Friday!” said Helen McCammond, teacher, Little Kingshill Combined School.

The Solar Schools project is helping schools across the UK to create their own energy, by providing schools with online and offline resources, training and support to help them to fundraise the cost of solar panels from their community. Schools then aim to put money saved on energy bills into extra projects, such as after school clubs.

“For lots of the schools, pupils were the driving force behind getting involved in the project and they’ve been wowing us with their efforts throughout. With targets looming ever closer, we’re not surprised they want to do everything they can to see their solar dreams become reality!” said Amy Cameron, Solar Schools campaign manager.

Since launching last October, 29 schools have taken part this year and have collectively raised over £140,000. After the final fundraising efforts, schools hope to install solar panels over the summer holidays.

Solar Schools was created by 10:10; a 100,000-strong global community of people and organisations tackling climate change, aiming to cut carbon emissions by 10% in a year.