South Cambridge District Council is to install solar panels on 1,000 additional council houses, adding to the council’s already extensive PV roll-out.

The council has tasked Mears Ltd to fit the systems with work expect to start later this summer after properties have been selected based on their design and position.

Tenants will receive the installations free of charge and the council expects each household to save approximately £210 a year on their energy bills. The scheme will be financed through the government’s feed-in tariff.

On top of the 1,000 households expected to receive the installations, almost 40 sheltered housing scheme communal rooms will benefit from solar panels and will receive free electricity during the day as it is generated.

The installations form part of a multi-million pound energy efficiency programme being funded by the council, which has installed in excess of 2,000 rooftop solar systems to date.

Mark Howell, cabinet member for housing at South Cambridge District Council, said that the council was delighted more tenants would be able to benefit from the scheme in the future.

“Tenants will immediately see the benefits of free electricity during the day while also improving the district’s supply of clean, renewable energy.

“We are committed to encouraging low carbon and sustainable living in the district and offer support to homeowners and those in the private rented sector as well as council tenants. I hope this scheme may encourage them to look into the possibilities and help available to improve their homes too,” he said.