Mr and Mrs Reay’s 2.80kWp system was installed by Cleaner Air Solutions back in December 2009. The system, which utilises Sharp Solar panels and a Fronius inverter, has actually been over-performing since it was completed.

“We got our PV installation on 14 Dec 09 and everything is going fine.  Better than fine, given your estimate for our 2.80 Net capacity system was for an annual generation of 2058.60 kW looks like being exceeded.  To date we have generated 1371.2 units – an average of 6.9 units a day, which includes those winter weeks with snow on the roof.  Some sunny days we are reaching 18 units a day!” said the couple.

“I've just put in my first FITS claim for 1032 units, which at 41.3p per unit should equate to £426.  E-On assume 50% of what we generate is put back into the grid and they are to pay 3p per unit – a further £30 cash back.

Further, May 09's electric consumed form the grid was down 95.6% from the same month in 2009 (it was only down 3.2% for Jan but 60.6 or 60.7 % for Feb, Mar & Apr).

Clearly a great decision to go ahead and it won't be too long before the investment has paid for itself.