Castle Hill Primary School has teamed up with the Royal Borough of Kingston and EvoEnergy to install a 24.42kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the roofs of the school.

The installation was sparked by the school’s interest in reducing their energy consumption and overall carbon footprint.

Out of the 132 Sharp 185 panels, 72 were spread over an on-roof system and the remaining 60 were placed on a bespoke made A-frame system – which mimics the same orientation and inclination as the roof.

Disruption to staff and students was kept to a minimum as the three-week installation was carried out of term time.

Featuring in the school’s reception area, a display monitor shows how much electricity is being generated, the cost savings as well as the CO2 reductions made to date. The monitor allows pupils, staff and parents to be educated on the benefits of the solar PV system and how it works.