The 3.8MW rooftop solar installation at Lyreco's distribution centre in Telford is nearing completion, and is set to save the building owner around £53,000 in annual electricity costs.

The installation is being carried out by EvoEnergy and uses Clenergy’s Trapezoidal commercial roof mounting system. The work is being carried out for workplace supplier firm Lyreco as part of the company’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

“We selected Clenergy's trapezoidal mounting because it is a simple, fast and easy system to deploy and because the service provided by Clenergy is excellent,” said James Sutton, project manager for EvoEnergy.

Work on the project began in August 2014 and is expected to be completed soon. The new array will generate at least an estimated 3.2MWh per year, reducing annual emissions at the site by 1,700 tons.

The rooftop installation is claimed to be one of the five largest commercial systems in the UK.