A bungalow in North-East England has become the latest addition to the Sharp Solar family, after its owners decided to install a 3.96kW system. Mr Lloyd and Mrs Matterson of Murton, County Durham have invested £15,000 in the rooftop system, which is likely to reward them with annual savings to their electricity bill of nearly £200.

Mrs Matterson had been considering installing solar panels for nearly a year before finally taking the plunge in October 2010. “The whole process was smooth and easy to understand, the guys were brilliant during the installation and we are absolutely delighted,” she said. “We'll get a better return on our investment than we would from the building society, and with index linked payments and rising electricity costs should see our money back within ten years.”

Mr Lloyd and Mrs Matterson will be paid 41.3p for every unit of electricity they generate by their electricity company, plus 3p for any electricity exported back to the grid. The system is likely to generate 3,000 units of electricity per annum.