The Italian cleantech company, 4-noks, has launched a new PV immersion controller which claims to addresses the technical aspects of power modulation to a resistive load.

As owners of solar arrays seek to maximise the benefit of their systems and installers seek to offer a more enhanced solar offering, there has been a huge rise in consumers diverting surplus solar energy to power heat storage such as immersion tanks. According to the Power Reducer’s distribution partner in the UK, Greenologic, the new product helps address a number of traditional failings of immersion controllers.

One of which is the type of modulation employed to alter the AC sine wave. 4-noks tasted out a number of different methods to asses how best to proportionally control energy diverter to an appliance to ensure that only surplus energy is used. The company decided to use pulse-width modulation because of its ability to alter the energy diverted to the load while causing minimal strain on the AC sine wave.

The Power Reducer also has built-in compatibility with the latest generation of digital/smart meters which uses the same sampling rate in which energy is recorded from the grid.   

Commenting on the launch of the Power Reducer, Zuber Vindhani of Greenologic said: “Installers dealing with immersion controllers need to be ever more aware of the facts and pitfalls of non-compliant products. We would certainly recommend that installers conduct their technical due diligence on such devices”