4eoc’s immerSUN diverts surplus power from renewable generators to a designated load, normally a hot water heater, to save energy and sold tens of thousands before the company entered insolvency earlier this year. Image: 4eco.

4eco has secured a buyer after entering insolvency back in July, with process controls manufacturer Amelec Instruments picking up the business for an undisclosed fee in an effort to enter the green energy sector.

Amelec has been established for around 40 years, producing control systems for power stations, particularly nuclear. It has joined with a second firm called Micro Technologies to form Sisem, which will take over the rights and intellectual property of the makers of immerSUN and get the product range back into production by the end of October.

Speaking exclusively to Solar Power Portal, Sisem director Bhim Sisodiya explained that the opportunity to take over 4eco was too good to miss.

“We have been looking to move into this green energy sector and have tried our own ways of doing things but when we saw this opportunity we thought this is something that is almost like a ready-made product range that we can really work with.

“From our own research and understanding, the immerSUN brand has been well-regarded so we have a good feeling. So far we've had phone calls and emails from various customers praising the product range and the company,” he said.

Initially, Sisem hopes to get production back up to the levels 4eco was achieving prior to its closure – around 300 units per month – before taking the range worldwide.

Sisodiya explained: “Our main aim is to take it into an export market internationally. That seems to be the theme at the moment in the UK; Britain wants to export more than it imports. There is a lot of push towards that and I think this product does have the energy behind it to achieve that.”

He added that the company has already received a lot of interest from overseas markets, including France, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand. Like many in the UK solar market, Sisem is also looking to Ireland for business, where there has already reportedly been a lot of customer inquiries.

“There is a positive buzz about it and so far we're really encouraged by it all,” Sisodiya added.

He added that the company is also looking to retain much of the experience of 4eco’s senior team, claiming “it would be a shame to lose all that knowledge”.