4eco Ltd has launched its new immerSun intelligent energy management device which the company claims will ‘revolutionise the microgeneration industry’. The immerSun device is designed to allow homeowners with a solar array to consume almost 100 percent of the electricity generated by powering the water heater even if they are not at home.

Instead of other switch devices currently on the market, the immerSun continually monitors the power generated by the PV system as well as the power consumption in the house – if there is a sudden change in consumption (i.e. the dishwasher is turned on) then the immerSun will automatically recognise and divert the solar energy to where it is required.

The company estimates that, through money saved on water heating, the immerSun is capable of paying for itself in between three and five years. The unobtrusive immerSun unit is typically mounted near the consumer unit. ImmerSun’s backlit display shows the system owner real time load power as well as the energy saved.

“The unit gives you a reason to contact dormant customers,” explains immerSUN business development director Jo Huggett, “to offer a genuine benefit that’s relatively low cost, easy to retrofit and gives the end customer the satisfaction of using the energy their system is generating. And when you’re pricing up an installation we think that including the immerSUN in your plans will give you that extra appeal over competitors.”

Another major benefit for installers is that 4eco has designed the immerSUN for mass production. “We looked at similar products in the market,” explained Lee Sutton, technical director, “and felt there was a clear need for a unit that was affordable and reliable with ‘off the shelf’ availability. We’re also very proud to say the immerSUN is manufactured here in Britain.”

“Having previously been involved in all aspects of this sector we really believe in supporting the industry,” added Huggett. “Those that register with 4eco will be added to our national database, to be promoted on the immerSUN website where end users can find a local installer in their area.”

The trade price of the unit is given as under £300, depending on volume ordered.