UK renewable company 4Eco has revealed that it has quadrupled its workforce in less than two years.

The company, which designed and manufactures the immerSun energy management device, has achieved a turnover of £3 million over the last 18 months. In the corresponding time 4Eco has grown to a 17-strong team and claims to have won the title of market leader for renewable immersion switches.

4Eco reports that almost 17,000 immerSun units have been installed in UK homes – helping save millions of pounds every year. Commenting on the company’s performance, Jodi Huggett, 4Eco’s business development director said: “The fact that despite being such a young product in the marketplace, the immerSUN is now a renewable household name makes us extremely proud of our achievements, especially as we are based in rural Lincolnshire and have been able to create jobs and opportunities in our local area.”

The company credits its investment in research and development as the reason for the immerSUN’s success, with Huggett noting that the company plans to continue its investment in R&D in the future.

Looking ahead, the company expects to see further growth. Huggett explained: “We are planning to launch the immerSUN worldwide; working with our strong network of international distributors and dealers to take the message of self-consumption global. As well as minimising reliance on mains energy, the ultimate goal is to help homeowners and businesses across the world switch to a more sustainable energy solution.”