The site is located off Shepshed Road, Hathern. Image: Endurance Energy.

The planning application for 50MW Oakley Solar Farm – set to boost biodiversity net gain by 62% – has received unanimous approval from Charnwood Borough Council

The planning application for the solar farm, to be built in Leicestershire was submitted by developer Endurance Energy, with permission awarded on 22 February 2024.

According to Endurance Energy, Charnwood Borough Council praised the “considerable community consultation efforts” which helped the developer design a planning application which incorporates over 2,800 new trees, 605 metres of new hedgerows, 61 acres of new wildflower meadow and 166 acres of “species-rich” grassland alongside four new wildlife ponds.

Overall, Endurance Energy expects the solar farm to achieve a biodiversity net gain of 62%.

Oakley Solar concept plan

Image: Endurance Energy.

“We are very pleased with the planning decision for Oakley Solar and we look forward to working with our investors and partners to make the solar farm and the associated wildlife benefits a reality,” said Greg Hilton, head of renewable energy and sustainability at Endurance Energy.

“We acknowledge the pragmatic approach of the landowner and its advisors in the development of the proposals, and would like to thank Infraland for providing development support, Pegasus for planning consultancy and Meeting Place for community engagement, amongst many others who contributed to this successful result.”

The Oakley Solar Farm will added to Endurance Energy’s growing solar portfolio, which includes the newly consented 35MW Wickham Hall solar farm in Hertfordshire incorporating a 20MW battery energy storage system (BESS).