A1 Solar Solutions Limited has completed a 303kWp solar installation on Selecta Solutions’ warehouse rooftop in Great Barr. The project, which was completed two weeks ahead of schedule, is expected to generate enough energy to cut the company’s electricity bill by a third.

The Cannock-based solar installer fitted 1,700 solar panels alongside several Fronius inverters. The system is now generating 221,974kWh per year and is expected to produce ~5MW of electricity over 25 years.

“Working to a strict schedule we beat the deadline for the Government’s feed-in tariff scheme and our client, a profile extrusion company,  is now enjoying huge savings on its electricity bill, while earning money from the national grid,” said A1 Solar Solutions Technical Director Ian Webb.

“This is one of the largest roof installations undertaken in this country and is the forerunner of many as companies realise just how much they can save on their electricity bills,” said A1 Solar Solutions Director Paul Grinsell.