Prevention is always better than a cure, although when you think about it there is no cure for crime. Watching someone break in to your home or business in glorious full HD is distressing and expensive. Items need replacing, insurance premiums go up and even if the perpetrators are caught, what kind of cure is that?

Prevention is always better than a cure, although when you think about it there is no cure for crime.

The clarity of images produced by over 35,000 IP cameras across our customer network allows innovative video analytic software to help Netwatch filter out 90% of false alarms. The in-house R&D team, Netwatch Visual Labs, have developed our software so that our product can distinguish between threatening and non-threatening activities in a split second.

Using the proprietary software to eliminate these false alarms has streamlined our visual monitoring operation so our intervention specialists are only dealing with verified threats.

Once the live footage is delivered to our Communications Hub, our highly trained intervention specialists monitor the activity and deliver a verbal warning in real-time. It is made very clear to the intruders that the site is protected, their intentions are illegal and the police have been called to the crime in progress. In practically all cases the perpetrators flee the scene before any damage is done.

Netwatch offer this service through our unique Managed Service model. We design, install, monitor, maintain and guarantee hardware, software and protocols all on a fixed daily fee. It means no capital outlay for our clients and leaves the responsibility for the performance of the system squarely on Netwatch. We boast a 98% customer retention rate to demonstrate how seriously we take that responsibility and how effective our system is.

All this amounts to a cost effective crime prevention and asset protection system, which is intelligent, effective and affordable.

To hear Justin Savage, UK regional sales manager for Netwatch, discuss the company's unique Intelligent System, click here.  For more information, visit or call 0800 917 9909.