According to the latest research from E.ON a quarter of UK homeowners have not insulated their loft as they are worried about the process being too messy, too difficult or because they have too much clutter to move out of the way. These statistics, from research carried out by OnePoll with 2,000 respondents in August 2011, have been recorded despite the fact that many energy providers offer the service free of charge.

However, in spite of many Brits’ reluctance to install loft insulation, a total of 33 percent said they would install loft insulation ‘straight away’ after they were told the measure could save them money on their energy bills.

In response to these statistics E.ON has launched the ‘Love Your Loft’ service that includes insulating and boarding customers’ lofts as well as clearing unwanted clutter.

Emma Bradshaw, Energy Fitness Expert at E.ON, said: “For many people there is a fear factor linked to insulating your loft, whether that’s about the initial cost involved, the hassle of clearing it out or getting on with the insulation task at hand.

“Lagging your loft is a simple way to save money and improve your home’s energy fitness and can cost next to nothing thanks to subsidised insulation schemes. Whether you want the lowest cost option and are happy to do it yourself or you’d prefer someone else to do it for you – now is an ideal time to sort your loft.”

Many UK home and business owners are expected to install loft insulation and other energy-efficiency measures under Government’s Green Deal, which is due to launch in October this year. To find out more about this flagship energy policy book your place on at one of the Solar Power UK 2012 seminars, held from October 2-4 this year.