Since the Government’s announcement last week in the Spending Review that the feed-in tariff would not be cut, many companies have been given the green light for their UK solar plans. Free home solar company A Shade Greener is no exception.

ASG has revealed that for the past few months, it has been working on a scheme for houses with smaller roofs. The company currently offers its scheme based on a system with 18 panels of 1.5m x 0.8m, which requires a fair sized roof. The new offer, which is also free, will allow the installation of solar onto more compact roofs.

The new scheme will run in exactly the same way as the existing one. On speaking with the Solar Power Portal ASG were able to confirm that none of the terms and conditions will change and apart from the roof size and panel type, everything will remain unchanged.

The new system consists of 16 panels and is currently being offered to people whose roofs will not take the 18 panel system. ASG’s company representative said that this was due to a limited supply of the panels and therefore, they will be offered to those who can not fit 18 panels on their roof.

The new systems will be one of four types of array:

1. Two rows of eight portrait or landscape panels measuring 6.66m x 3.16m,

2. A staggered array measuring 5m x 4.74m at the largest end and 3.16m at shortest (to incorporate chimney’s etc) – this will be made up of two rows of six portrait, and one row of four portrait panels,

3. A staggered array measuring 5.9m x 3.97m at the largest end and 3.16m at shortest – this will be made up of two rows of six portrait, one row of two (landscape),

4. One row of 11 portrait, one row of five landscape panels – centred to ensure symmetry and measuring 9.1m x 2.39m.

The technology used for these systems will include an SMA solar inverter (the same as the 18 panel systems), however, as opposed to the existing panels, which are 185 watts, the new panels will be 210 watts, yet ASG was unable to name the supplier.

Since ASG began its free solar campaign, it has reached a milestone of 1,000 installations. Now that the FiT has been secured and the company can offer solar to smaller houses, this figure is expected to increase quite dramatically.

The company is now urging anyone who was turned down due to their roof size to re-apply for this new offer. If you have already had a physical survey carried out by one of ASG’s surveyors – all physical surveys that were turned down due to size will be reviewed over the next month or so and you will be contacted if the company can offer you this new, smaller system.

A Shade Greener is currently installing in parts of Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Humberside but will shortly be moving into the Midlands and South West.