Power electronics giant ABB has announced a new collaboration with PV component manufacturer Tigo to bolster module-level monitoring capabilities worldwide.

The partnership will involve added operational compatibility between ABB’s UNO-DM-PLUS inverter line and Tigo’s TS4 optimiser suite, the combined solution of which is now available worldwide.

The duo said that the combination would offer flexible and scalable solutions to meet the needs of both installers and end customers, which three additional values for residential PV systems.

Module-level monitoring has been enhanced to two second increments, making the identification of performance related issues both easier and quicker and aiding O&M cost reductions.

Meanwhile safety has been improved through a module-level rapid shutdown solution, and generation yields have been boosted by module optimisation that addresses system-level inefficiencies.

Mirko Bindi, sales director at Tigo, said: “With Tier-1 inverter partners like ABB, Tigo can bring the advantages of having a strong inverter partner certified within our platform to customers worldwide.”