German solar developer, AEE Renewables has revealed plans to develop a 4.4MW solar park in Reydon, Suffolk. The company has submitted a planning application to Waveney District Council detailing plans to install 12,848 solar modules across 24 acres of a private farm in Reydon.

AEE Renewables estimates that the proposed solar park could provide enough energy to provide 1,400 local homes with clean electricity.

Speaking to the East Daily Times, Suffolk Coastal MP, Dr Therese Coffey, spoke of his desire to see renewables play a larger part in Suffolk’s energy infrastructure. He said: “I do welcome renewable energy and solar energy. It makes a lot of sense in our part of Suffolk.” However, Dr Coffey did express concerns over the environmental impact of the proposed solar park.

AEE Renewables planning application states: “The purpose of the solar farm is to generate electrical energy to be supplied to the National Grid. This responds directly to the agenda set by the Climate Change Act 2008. No trees or hedges would be removed and the landscape would be consolidated by seeding and natural regeneration.

“The area would be seeded for grazing and it is intended to manage grassed areas through grazing sheep and seasonal cutting. The opportunity exists to enhance bio-diversity as well as retaining agricultural use.”

Simon Gray, the Chief Executive Officer for the East of England Energy Group, said: “As energy industry association for the East of England, we take a keen interest in all energy sectors, particularly where there is potential local investment in producing energy from sustainable sources to provide vitally needed power to the country in future.

“But it is important to also consider the interests of the local population, the environment and the financial implications – so each initiative needs careful consideration.

“I understand the site will be generating some 4.4MW of power which would equate to sufficient energy for some 1,400 average homes and reducing emissions by some 2,400 tonnes of CO2 each year.”

AEE Renewables’ application is the latest in a flood of large-scale market activity as the rapid fall of component costs combined with support available under the feed-in tariff and Renewable Obligation render solar farms viable once more.