European service provider, Adler Solar has partnered with solar safety supplier, viamon to complete a pilot project which has seen a UK solar farm retrofitted with theft protection equipment.

The 18MW solar farm had 250 junction boxes and 83 inverters fitted with intelligent electronic theft protection equipment. The project took six employees four days to complete.

Oliver Strecke, managing director of viamon GmbH, praised Adler Solar following their first project together. He said: “Thanks to our collaboration, we were able to create decisive added value for the client: he received all the desired services extremely well-coordinated from a one-stop shop.”

Gerhard Cunze, managing partner of Adler Solar said that the project delivered a positive result for the client. He explained: “This initial collaboration with viamon could not have gone better. In this way, we were not only able to offer the client theft protection, but also other measures to ensure quality and thus once more live up to our claim to provide all-round service.”

Viamon’s anti-theft measures use GPS to help track modules, something that the company claims is a world first.

The theft of solar modules in the UK is becoming an increasing threat. Earlier this week police in Lincolnshire warned owners of solar systems to be vigilant after a spate of recent solar panel thefts occurred.