Maidstone-based fruit and vegetable growers, JL Baxter & Sons, who supply some of the UK's largest supermarkets, has installed a solar array at Amsbury Farm.

Concerned about greenhouse emissions, the farm approached M3 solar about installing a solar PV array in a bid to slash its carbon footprint and dramatically reduce its operating costs.

M3 solar designed a 49.68kWp system to sit atop one of the farm’s buildings. Prior to install, a full structural survey on the building was carried out which showed that the building, as was, would not take the additional loads of the panels. As a result, the array was spaced out and strengthening was provided to the internal columns to ensure the array does not cause problems in the future.

The solar array consists of 216 Trina modules partnered with three SMA inverters and is expected to save 24 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere every year.  

The array was completed and commissioned three weeks before the December 12 deadline in 2011.