Anesco Community Energy has doubled its solar capacity by purchasing two operational projects from its development arm Anesco.

The two sites, based in Chesterfield and Stratford, take the company’s generation capacity to 19MW and also comprise 4MWh of deployed battery storage to allow the firm to help with grid balancing issues.

While Anesco Community Energy worked closely with Close Brothers to finance the acquisitions, both farms will allow members of the public to invest in them through solar bonds which are available to purchase. A percentage of the profits from the sale of power will also be handed to local charities.

Former Anesco chief executive Adrian Pike left the energy company to become executive chairman of Anesco Community Energy in April and has established ambitious plans for the community energy group.

He revealed that public investment in the two new projects, which is to be managed by Trillion Fund, will be launched in the coming weeks, but also paid testament to the early support the group had received.

“The funding we have received from Close Brothers has allowed us to really hit the ground running, purchasing four solar farms within just two months of setting up.

“This latest investment will enable us to expand our portfolio even further in the coming months and progress our mission to combat climate change while having a positive impact on local communities,” Pike said.