Anesco Asset Management has opened up investment in its energy efficiency and renewable projects to members of the public for the first time.

The cleantech company has partnered with Abundance Investment to offer individuals the opportunity to invest in projects run by Anesco Southwest Renewables (ASR).

Delvin Lane, commercial director of Anesco Asset Management, said: “Our projects, such as our solar installations and biomass boilers, are helping to drive down the UK’s carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future.

“By investing in them people will be playing a part in this important mission, while benefitting from the kind of returns that are simply impossible to achieve through standard savings accounts.”

The debenture offer was previously only available to commercial investors however members of the public will now be able to gain a 7% effective rate of return on their investment over six years, with income and capital paid back every six months.

The new offer is looking to raise up to £495,000 to refinance the installation costs of a range of renewable energy and energy saving measures. These include biomass boilers installed in housing association properties and commercial solar developments at sites across the Home Counties.

These measures raise revenue through the renewable heat incentive and the solar feed-in tariff respectively. As these have already been installed, they are unaffected by cuts to these government subsidies and serve to reduce carbon emissions and support communities, as surplus profits are distributed locally.

“Our aim is to involve as many people in the UK in our mission to drive carbon reduction and transform energy use. Together we can drive change,” Lane said.

Bruce Davis, founder and managing director of Abundance, added: “Investors are increasingly looking for ethical and socially-responsible ventures to back and we’re delighted to be able to give them just that thanks to our partnership with Anesco Asset Management.”

With this launch being the first of Anesco Asset Management’s bond offers to be open to the public, Abundance has been involved in another first for community energy fundraising after partnering with Swindon Borough Council to launch the first ‘council solar bond’ last month.