Isle of Anglesey Council has approved plans for what is said to be Wales' largest PV installation, a 15MW solar park at Tai Moelion Farm on the Bodorgan Estate in Anglesey.

However, before it releases a 25-year planning permit, the authority said the developer New Forest Energy would need to continue to work with the Gwynedd Archeological Planning Service to undertake further archaeological work on the site.

The proposed solar park will be built on 30 hectares of pasture land and will represent Wales’ largest PV installation when complete, the developer said.

The facility will be equipped with around 64,000 PV modules over six fields. Large areas will be left between the rows of solar panels which will enable grazing to continue. The site will therefore be used to generate solar power as well as for agricultural uses.

Construction is expected to take around three months. The project will connect to the grid via existing 33kv overhead lines and when operational is expected to generate enough electricity to power 4,500 homes every year.