Dresden, Germany-based solar module manufacturer Solarwatt has been awarded certification for its solar modules meeting microgeneration certification scheme (MCS) standards. This accreditation enables the company’s British customers to benefit from the country’s currently generous feed-in tariff.

“By recognizing our products under the microgeneration certification scheme we have met the conditions to expand into the British market”, said Dr. Frank Schneider, Chief Executive Officer of Solarwatt.

The UK’s ‘Clean Energy Cashback’program, known in most other country’s as the feed-in tariff, pays out only if all components, as well as the installer of the photovoltaic equipment, are certified according to MCS standards. This rule ensures that all solar technology installations will meet the highest quality standards.

Next to tests of the solar modules, the certification process comprises inspection and verification of manufacturing processes, employed materials and technology as well as the qualifications of manufacturing personnel.