Antaris Solar has launched the latest version of its eKiss 4 standalone, off-grid solar PV system.

The aim of the eKiss system is to provide an ‘out of the box’ solar battery system that will be able to provide AC power to off-grid situations. New to the fourth version of the product is an increased inverter load, front panel display and AC grid connection switch over.

The eKiss controller box houses the inverters, polycrystalline Antaris-manufactured solar modules and the batteries used to store the energy. The modular nature of the product means that a system can be configured to meet specific requirements. For example, there is the option of between six and 16 AGM batteries (75 Ah) which can be connected to up to 15 solar modules.

Prices for the new eKiss type 4 range from £2999 for the system with 3 solar PV modules and 6 batteries, to £5999 for the system with 15 solar PV modules and 16 batteries.