APC Technology Group launched a new group of sustainability businesses called Minimise Group. The group will also include a subsidiary dedicated to renewable energy generation, Minimise Generation.

Minimise Generation aims to create renewable energy across UK businesses. The company claims it will work to help companies optimise energy generation and storage while reducing carbon emissions. Minimise Generation is technology neutral, and therefore, according to the company, has a wide array of offerings, including  CHP, biomass, and heat pumps. Keeping with the UK’s movement towards rooftop solar power generation, they offer roof mounted solar panels as well.

According to the company, Minimise Group is currently working with Morrisons, Network Rail and Royal Mail through its energy efficiency, funding and consultancy group companies.

The company hopes that the various methods of energy generation will help increase the amount of energy produced on their sites. According to Anthony Morgan, head of Minimise Generation, their products “can work singularly or as a package, ensuring that all energy generation opportunities are maximised either at the outset, or when added as a phase development program”.

Minimise Generation will work in conjunction with the other companies in Minimise Group to work to create what they believe is a better approach to sustainable energy.