The site location. Image: OSP.

An application to extend the 3.9MWp Abbots Wood Solar Farm to gain an approximate output of 11MWp, has been approved.

The application site is 13 hectares of open countryside in Barnack along the side of the A1 Great North Road.  

Put forward by property developer, Larkfleet Group the application proposes the installation of ground-mount solar panels with a power output of roughly 11MWp, with consent sought for a 40-year operational lifetime.

The planning reference on the landscape and visual comments for the proposed solar farm suggest that “proposed development will “enhance” the Site as it is low grade agricultural land and can be put to better use.”

“The Site also has high potential to provide significant Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and a dual land use function of the baseline beneath the proposed solar array needs to be realised,” the reference added.