Qualitick Ltd, a provider of certification support, training and consultancy services, has announced that it will merge with, renewable energy group, ASC Renewables Ltd.

ASC Renewables claims that the move has been designed to take advantage of an increasing appetite for sustainable energy and interest in energy usage. The company states that the merger forms a wider part of the firm's strategy to offer a broader range of services to its customers – both public and private sector.

Energy usage and sustainability are increasingly becoming a forefront issue across the globe and the focus of ASC Renewables Ltd is to have a positive impact on energy usage and attitudes towards sustainability. Today’s announcement of the acquisition and merger of Qualitick Ltd with ASC Renewables Ltd, accelerates the latter’s progress towards this goal. This merger represents a strategic alliance to offer a greater range of services to customers of both businesses, combined with future growth across all the group divisions.

Commenting on his company's acquisition of Qualitick, Stephen Critchlow, chairman of ASC Renewables said that the merger “will enable our customers to be served better with new products and services that will drive the sustainability agenda. Working with and supporting the companies that sell and install energy saving sustainable solutions will enable many UK homeowners to enjoy the reduced costs from sustainable living and preserve the planet for generations to come. The social impact from this initiative will be enormous.”

Vickie Hood, deal leader at international advisor BCMS, who managed the transaction, explained the context for the deal. She said: “Regulatory and compliance drivers are a constant factor for UK companies operating in the house building, construction and manufacturing sectors. This places the compliance services providers, such as Qualitick Ltd, in high demand, with acquirers keen to secure a foothold in this expanding sector.”

Simon Roberts, operations director of Qualitick concluded: “This announcement represents the next stage for both the team who have helped build Qualitick and its loyal customer base. This includes plans to develop and invest in both the range of services we currently offer, and future growth areas assisting our customers to connect with consumers to drive energy efficiency in the UK.”