Welsh manufacturer Asset International’s 250kWp solar array has outperformed its output predictions after a few months operation.

The weholite pipe manufacturer fitted the 250kWp array on its 6,000m2 factory in Newport back in April to help reduce the company’s operating costs. Since then the solar installation has bested output predictions by producing 12% more electricity than originally thought, resulting in the company regaining over 10% of the initial capital expenditure.

The factory is consuming all of the electricity generated onsite, further benefitting the Welsh manufacturer. Graham Bennett, operations manager at Asset International explained: “We have always been committed to reducing our carbon footprint and were becoming concerned about rising energy costs, the initial results show companies can be green and more efficient in generating energy.”

Jeff Ingvaldson, founder and managing director of Brilliant Harvest, installers of the array, added: “We are delighted our solar PV strategy is meeting Asset International’s objectives earlier than expected. Now is the time for companies to take a fresh look at solar energy. For anyone with doubts about related costs, solar installation has proven to be more and more affordable and can generate great savings as well as providing an income stream.”