Autarco, an international renewable energy company, will become the first company to supply single brand complete PV systems to the UK market.

Autarco believes that the solar market is unique in that customers often have to turn to three or four different brands in order to solve a single problem. By providing all the required components for a solar PV system under one brand, the company hopes to avoid the situation. The company has undertaken an innovative supply chain redesign that has allowed it to jettison what it calls “costly middleman” in order to pass saving directly onto the customer.

Autarco believes this flexibility enables them to provide high quality complete solutions at extremely competitive prices. “I’ve used the experiences gained from over five years in the Chinese PV industry to put together a value proposition that is hard to beat. We are able to provide our solutions at competitive prices thanks to our supply chain innovation and definitely not by comprising on product quality. Quality is number one, embodied in our ten year system warranty.” says CEO Roel Van Den Berg.

The company’s first year of operation saw considerable successes and now Autarco are looking at branching out into the UK market. Lloyd Lawson, UK Sales Director explains further: “We looked at every entity in the solar value chain and set-out to make it simpler and more efficient for each of them. From the architect’s specification, the installer’s installation all the way through to the consumer’s decision making. Our UK wide sales and support team offers an on-the-ground service that is unrivaled within the industry.”

The renewable upstart isn’t just eyeing up the UK market, with plans already underway to penetrate other markets including the US, the Caribbean, Australia and East Asia.