BayWa r.e's Aston Clinton solar park has been sold to CEE, marking the third time the developer has sold one of its solar projects to the Hamburg-based firm.

Located in Aylesbury, the project was completed in the spring and connected to the grid under the ROC scheme. It has already been transferred to CEE, but BayWa r.e will continue to be involved with the 24MW site by managing its operations.

Matthias Taft, a member of the board of BayWa AG, said: “Aston Clinton is now the third PV project that we have successfully sold to CEE, and in so doing, we are pleased to be able to continue our close and mutually beneficial collaboration.”

This latest sale follows the release of Pingewood solar farm in September SUSI Renewable Energy Fund II and like the last sale was able to secure a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), making it a more attractive investment opportunity. Both sites now supply MacDonald’s with the company’s 1,250 UK restaurants to receive 4% of their annual electricity demand from Aston Clinton. According to BayWa r.e., this equates to around 45 restaurants being supplied with clean energy at a fixed price over a period of 20 years.

Detlef Schreiber, chief executive of CEE, commented: “BayWa r.e. is a proven, experienced and financially sound partner for further activities in Great Britain.”

BayWa r.e is continuing to plan solar developments in the UK, with construction on a 45MWp solar park currently underway. When complete, the Vine Farm site will become the company’s the largest single solar project.

In total, BayWa r.e. said it has 130MW of forthcoming PV projects in the UK to complete in the coming months but could not be reached for clarification.