Image: British Solar Renewables.

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has estimated that just 88MW of solar was installed in Q2 2016, less than half that deployed in Q2 2015.

BEIS’ estimate for June has fallen particularly, with just 27MW of solar deployed over the course of the month. A significant portion of this (12MW) fell in the 0-4kW size band, but at around just 4,400 individual installations, the figure represents how consumer interest in the technology has dwindled since the subsidy reset.

The number of completed residential installations has fallen significantly year-on-year. In June 2015 just under 16,000 installs were completed, constituting a slide of around 75%. In June 2014 circa 9,500 installs were made.

Significantly for Q2 May’s deployment estimate of 98MW, a figure of particular interest at the time given how the capacity was allocated in the 5-25MW bracket, has been halved to 49MW.

BEIS has also again revised upwards its estimate for Q1 2016 total deployment, this time to 957MW. Having originally forecasted just 370MW in April this year, last month this figure was revised to 808MW.

The department’s new figure of 957MW edges it closer still to Solar Intelligence’s figure of 1.553GW, which Solar Intelligence’s head of market research Finlay Colville discussed at length last month.