Solar bonds offered by Big60Million Ltd have been officially certified as ‘climate bonds’ under the Climate Bond Standards and Certification Scheme. 

The Climate Bond Standard project has been developed by the Climate Bonds Initiative to allow investors to identify funds that help combat climate change. 

The Big60Million project allows UK residents to directly benefit from the deployment of solar farms. Willersey Solar Farm will be the first Big60Million project released by the company.

Commenting on the scheme’s certification, Sean Kidney, CEO of the Climate Bonds Initiative, said: “Big60Million Solar Bonds are a 100% blue chip climate investment, directly contributing to the transition to a low carbon economy. A climate bond allows investors to earn money while helping to address climate change – doing well while doing good. 

“Big60Million Solar Bonds met and exceeded all aspects of the Climate Bonds Standard, so we’re proud to provide climate bond certification, backed by investors and NGOs around the world. Certification helps investors to easily identify and prioritise their investments in recognition of the bond’s impact in helping deliver climate change solutions.”

The Big60Million project claims that it has sold over £3.4 million in solar bonds during the first six weeks of the offering.

Big60Million UK CEO Toddington Harper said that he was delighted that the project was the UK’s first climate bond. He said: : “We’ve already received significant interest in the bond from local residents and investors from across the country, with over 85% of the offer fully subscribed to date.”

“The appeal of Big60Million Solar Farms goes far further than just money in peoples’ pockets which can be used to offset electricity costs. The projects also benefit the environment, as well as local communities through engagement with school groups, supporting local bee keepers and also using the site for organic community growing schemes.”

Solar Power Portal spoke exclusively to Big60Million's CEO, Toddington Harper about the company’s newly-launched Big60Million scheme: