Source: Van der Valk.

Van der Valk Solar Systems and BirdBlocker have teamed to bring the ‘BirdBlocker’ device to the UK and Ireland. Birds can build nests under rooftop PV panels, which can result in sound pollution or damage to the panels and PV system. The BirdBlocker system is designed to be installed easily with new panels or retrofit. 


Rooftop PV panels need to be protected against birds, which can nest under an array, causing the output from the panels to decrease when the natural ventilation beneath the panels is restricted by twigs and other nest material. The hotter the solar cells in the panels get, the lower the efficiency (temperature coefficient). There is even an increased risk of fire. The twigs the birds use may also cause scratches on the back sheet of the panel, which may result in earth leakage problems and moisture ingress, which will degrade the solar cells and ultimately cause panel failure.


After installation of BirdBlocker, the chance of birds nesting under the PV panels will be minimised. The BirdBlocker system can be placed on the edges of most PV panels and is practically invisible. It is the most cost-effective when placed with new PV panels by an installer. 


Residential rooftops for the vast majority of roof tile designs. 


The BirdBlocker is supplied per linear metre and can be easily cut to size with large scissors or wire cutters and includes 7 stainless steel clips for securing the BirdBlocker. Birdblocker must not be screwed or glued in place. A datasheet for the PV panels in question is also generally available on the Internet. This datasheet shows the dimensions. In this way it is easy to calculate the total dimensions. 


Currently available.

The fins can mould around different tile surfaces and shapes while preventing access to avian squatters. Source: Van der Valk