Birmingham-based renewable energy mounting system manufacturer, Solar Steel, is seeking to boost British renewables with its ‘Backing Britain’ campaign.  

The company has sought out British suppliers for every aspect of its supply chain, a strategy that Solar Steel hopes will support local businesses and the wider UK economy.

Managing director and founder of Solar Steel, David McElroy, explained: “There is evident sentiment among our customers for the genuine need to reverse protocol and begin to help fellow businesses by sourcing products and services from one another wherever possible.

“Companies are appreciative of our commitment to the UK from creating training opportunities for young people, introducing and sustaining jobs, protecting the environment and delivering a genuine world class British range of products.”

The company believes that its Backing Britain strategy is already paying dividends after dramatically beating its first year sales forecasts.    

Solar Steel is currently in negotiations with Land Rover Jaguar to secure the supply of its PV mounting systems at its brand new facility in Wolverhampton.