Photovoltaic module manufacturer BISOL and boat development company Seaway have joined forces to construct the Greenline Hybrid, which utilises solar energy. By installing BISOL premium quality photovoltaic modules on the solar roof of the boat, more than 80 proud owners of the Greenline 33 now sail by the power of the sun.

BISOL PV modules can sustain a weight of 400kg on the front and reverse side, which has been verified during wind testing, and temperature cycling from –40 °C to + 85 °C at 85 % humidity. Highly transparent glass, which covers the solar cells, is only 3.2mm thick and therefore considerably reduces the module’s weight.

The solar rooftop is also highly resistant and protects the cells from mechanical shocks and from other environmental influences out on the water, including hail storms.

In electric mode, the Greenline Hybrid is completely emission-free, while in diesel mode, the Greenline 33 will burn up to four times less fossil fuel per nautical mile than comparable planing hulls, reducing pollution by 75%.