Bisol Group, one of Europe’s largest producers of solar modules, has received a salt mist corrosion certificate for all its solar photovoltaic modules, in accordance with the IEC 61701 standard.

To receive the certificate Bisol Solar modules were subjected to a rigorous test by the Austrian Institute of Technology. In order to evaluate a module’s resistance to corrosion from salt mist, modules were immersed in a 5 percent sodium chloride spray for 96 hours in a 35°Ctest chamber.

After cleaning, the modules’ power decline and dielectric voltage performance were examined. The test determines the quality and uniformity of a module’s protective coating and requires the highest standards from the framing, solar cells and raw materials used.

The test results show that Bisol modules exhibit less than 1 percent decrease in electrical performance and retain their mechanical and insulation properties, ensuring high energy yields for solar PV plants located in challenging locations.

The certification demonstrates the modules’ overall quality and reliability, and ensures that installations can take place on the coast and in locations with higher salt mist concentrations.