Slovenia-based PV module manufacturer and project developer, Bisol has completed factory automation upgrades to improve productivity throughput as it continues to run operations at full-capacity.

The company said it invested around €2 million to further automation of its module manufacturing operations that would ensure 100% traceability from the input components to module assembly completion.

Bisol had increased module production capacity to over 100MW in 2011 due to continued demand but it is not clear what the capacity of the company is to date as estimates range from 140MW to 190MW, before the latest updates.

EU anti-dumping duty impact

The company said that it expected a significant increase in demand in the second half of 2013 and significantly more stable production conditions in the coming years due to the European Commission's anti-dumping duties on Chinese PV products.

Dr. Uros Merc, CEO of Bisol said, “With the introduction of customs duties for import of Chinese modules expected to be on average 47% of the import value, the conditions for all market stakeholders will be equalised, which will significantly contribute to the preservation of jobs and production activities on European soil. It will also greatly increase the quality of products on the market.”

Bisol said that it was operating a fourth production shift for continuous 24/7 operations.