After receiving an annual electricity bill of £30,000, Blackshaws Garage in Alnwick, Northumberland, wanted to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and help try and get its rocketing electricity bills under control.

Blackshaws Garage's Managing Director, David Blackshaw, decided to invest in solar panels after researching several energy reduction technologies. Mr Blackshaw recognised that the energy generated from the solar panels would help control the centre's escalating utility bills, especially when the feed-in tariff income from the install was considered.

After a competitive quotation process, Blackshaw settled on Newcastle-based Eco Environments to design and install the solar array. A 30kWp system consisting of 122 Hyundai solar modules was installed on the roof of the garage. It is estimated that the solar installation will save the family-owned garage £2,500 on electricity bills every year – reducing its carbon emissions by over 12 tonnes in the process. Eco Environments estimates that Blackshaw Garage will see an average annual return on investment of 22.5 percent.

Blackshaw said: “The Eco Environments team did a fantastic job in the face of horrendous winds to get us installed. We see it as a very good financial investment which will also significantly reduce our carbon footprint over the coming years. It is great to know we now make money even when we aren’t open for business and we are excited about the full potential of the panels when the sun comes out!”

 The installation of solar panels at the garage will help further the garage’s environmental ambitions. Currently, the garage owns three Nissan electric cars that will start to use the clean electricity generated by the solar array to power their journeys.

One of three all-electric Nissan Leaf cars at Blackshaws Garage

David Hunt, a Director with Eco Environments, said: “An ever growing number of businesses with significant energy consumption are choosing to invest in a range of renewable energy technologies with solar panels being the most popular.

“Businesses can receive a return on investment of up to 15 per cent combined with huge savings to their carbon footprint. “Blackshaws is an ideal customer because they understand the importance and significant benefits of developing a comprehensive environmental strategy with solar PV as one of the key elements.”