Bluefield Solar Income Fund has seen its net asset value (NAV) increase by 10% following its power price forecast. Image: Getty Images.

High power prices and inflation have pushed Bluefield Solar Income Fund net asset value (NAV) up by 10%.

This jump was partially offset by a rise to the discount rates applied in the valuation, reflecting an increased proportion of non-solar assets in the portfolio and a rise in UK gilt rates.

As of 30 June 2022, the NAV had risen to 140 pence per share from figures attained on 31 March, where it stood at 127.04 pence per share.

The fund will invest no less than 75% of the company's gross assets into UK solar assets. The company can also invest up to 25% of its gross assets into other technologies, such as wind and storage – in May it acquired two 40MW battery energy storage system projects for £4.5 million. 

Managed by Bluefield Partners, the company currently has a market capitalisation of £822 million. 

Bluefield is the latest in a string of companies to this week announce that the high power prices have driven up its asset value, such as NextEnergy, which saw its NAV increse by 7.2%.