Photovoltaic equipment manufacturer, Bonfiglioli Vectron has expanded its RPS TL and Endurance inverter.

The RPS Endurance inverter now has 15% overload capacity and a new 500KW power rating unit with a smaller footprint.

The Endurance inverter uses a two stage ambient protection and cooling system, isolating the critical components from pollutants, with an IP54 rated protection class, from an intelligent air flow.

A control algorithm regulates operating temperatures, mitigating thermal cycles for maximum efficiency and equipment life.

The improved cooling allows for installation in harsh environments of up to 50 degrees Celsius, without the need for clean cooling air.

Used in a lower temperature setting the power output increases by 15% – so 500KW can generate up to 575KW at 25 degrees Celsius.

The Endurance inverter also has a record compact layout – thanks to the advanced cooling system, also providing easier maintenance requirements.

Bonfiglio has also improved its RPS TL inverter series to include higher power variants and master-slave configurations.

The first of the two new ranges has an output voltage of 380 volts and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) range of 575 – 875 volts. The second has an output voltage of 406 volts with an MPPT range of 600 – 875 volts, increasing the power capability of the RPS TL inverter by 12%.

A new system control (SyCo) platform improves versatility to offer master configuration ability to all the RPS TL series inverters with up to seven modules, a direct modbus (transmission control protocol), communication interface, and improved system and grid management functions.

The additions boost power output by 1,780KW from a single system with seven power point trackers.

Bonfiglioli will be exhibiting at this year's Solar Energy UK at stand C35.

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