Supermarket chain Booths has turned to solar PV to help reduce its energy bills after it installed an array on its cold store distribution centre near Preston.

The 250kWp array, carried out by Styles & Wood, is expected to generate around 223,000kWh of electricity every year. The supermarket chain is predicted to receive a total benefit of around £24,500 a year from the system, taking into account energy savings and the associated feed-in tariff payments.   

Commenting on the installation, Adrian Sutton, energy director at Styles & Wood Energy, said that installs like the one at Booths’ distribution centre would become more common. Sutton explained: “Microgeneration installations like this are becoming increasingly popular as energy prices continue to apply significant pressure on UK businesses, particularly those with large property footprints.

“This was a challenging project which was delivered successfully without causing disruption to a live distribution centre which is in active use 24/7. Working with a prestigious name like Booths is another great win for the Energy division which continues to go from strength to strength.”