Image: Absolute Solar & Wind.

Image: Absolute Solar & Wind.

Renewables installer Bowler Energy has rebranded as Noble Green Energy as it diversifies its offering to incorporate further technologies.

Bowler was founded in 2010 by entrepreneur John Bowler, who has previously installed solar and wind systems on his own farm to reduce its energy costs. Bowler continued to manage the company until his retirement last year, after which its fixed assets and future sales contracts were sold to Noble Green Energy, an entity based in Guernsey, last November.

Noble Green said it elected to maintain the Bowler Energy trading name so as not to confuse existing and future customers. However as of 1 November 2016 the Bowler Energy name has been retired, with the Noble Green Energy moniker now used exclusively.

Eddie Chadfield, Noble Green Energy manager said of the rebrand: “It is an exciting time for us at Noble Green Energy. The business has been through a huge change and now successfully diversified into renewable energy and energy saving products.”

As well as continuing to trade in solar, new products added to Noble Green’s portfolio include biomass-powered CHP systems, battery storage, LED lighting, ground and air source heat pumps, voltage optimisation and EV charge points.

“This provides our customers with several options in which they can save energy, improve efficiency and reduce costs,” Chadfield added.

Broadening product horizons to adopt additional technologies is a path trodden by various other UK installers in the wake of cuts to the feed-in tariff, which have reduced demand for residential solar by as much as 80% year-on-year.