German photovoltaic company Sunways has celebrated latest certification of its roof-mounted solar inverters.

The AT, NT and PT series of 2.5-5kW inverters have successfully passed tests in the UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Portugal. The NT series has also been certified in Turkey and Australia.

The company had advertised the international utility of its inverters and designed units for a range of national configurations but required certification before the technology could hit the shops.

The company advises that all Sunways Solar Inverters from the AT and PT series delivered ex works already come with the new country list.  Sunways Solar Inverters NT 2500 to NT 5000 will have the expanded country list integrated from September and the NT 10000 to NT 12000 units from October 2011.

All certificates are available.