PV Legal’s European report proposes new solutions for reducing bureaucratic obstacles and streamlining administrative procedures to allow solar photovoltaic (PV) to grow to its full potential.

Titled “Key Recommendations”, the publication defines the main barriers as permitting procedures; grid connection rules and technical standards; grid connection procedures; and grid capacity issues. For each barrier, the PV Legal report makes concrete recommendations for streamlining and improving procedures taking PV into account.

“Only by removing administrative barriers can solar PV achieve its full potential and become competitive in the energy market,” said Thomas Chrometzka of BSW-Solar (Germany’s Solar Industry Association), coordinator of the project.

The European Union’s Directive for the promotion of Renewable Energies sets binding renewable energy targets by 2020 for each Member State and includes strong provisions for the reduction and simplification of administrative barriers and access to the grid for renewable energy systems. It is believed that by full implementation of the Directive, many of the barriers identified by the PV Legal consortium could be resolved.